MARE House with pool 400 – 450 m from the sea

MARE House 155 m2 on a plot of 500m2 in Djenovic, HERCEG NOVI (CASTEL NUOVO) 400 – 450 m from the sea.

Ground floor; bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, hallway, terrace.

Floor (separate entrance); three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, terrace …
The plot is planted with flowers, and the house has a swimming pool measuring 6,5 x 3,2 x 1.8 m with accompanying mobility. The house is fully equipped with a dish, sandwiches, two washing machines, two for dishes, microwave ovens, electric jugs, wifi signal for the whole house, parking for 2-3 cars …

MARE House with pool

MARE House with pool

MARE House with pool

MARE House with pool

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MARE House with pool

MARE House with pool

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