VIP MONTENEGRO Seafront Montenegro Vacation villa Castel Nuovo White rental

Seafront VIP villa Castel Nuovo rental

Villa White Bay of Kotor

Montenegro Vacation villa Castel Nuovo rental

In front of the villa there is a wonderful view of the Bay of Kotor, which makes this place especially magical.
This magnificent villa gives a warm, homely atmosphere and is ideal for family holidays and entertainment. The pleasant and pleasant atmosphere of the villa, terraces with panoramic sea views make it possible for you to enjoy as much as possible a holiday in Montenegro.
On the ground floor of the villa there is a large hall of 115 m2 in combination with a kitchen, as well as a balcony and a bathroom.
On the second and third floor there are four bedrooms, two living rooms, three balconies, two bathrooms and two kitchens.

Seafront villa Castel Nuovo White

VIP Seafront villa White

Castel Nuovo

VIP Seafront villa

Seafront villa

Seafront villa

Seafront villa

Seafront villa

Seafront villa

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Seafront villa Castel Nuovo rental

Montenegro Vacation villa Castel Nuovo rental

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